Heinrich Bullinger

Above is a statue of Bullinger on the Grossmünster in Zurich.

Heinrich Bullinger

Movement Magisterial Reformation
Born Bremgarten, 1504
Died Zurich, 1575
Significance Bullinger was a Swiss reformer who became pastor in Zurich after Zwingli's death. His Second Helvetic Confession would serve as a guide for reformed churches throughout Switzerland.
Works Second Helvetic Confession
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Of The Holy Scripture Being The True
Word of God

CANONICAL SCRIPTURE. We believe and confess the canonical Scriptures of the holy prophets and apostles of both Testaments to be the true Word of God, and to have sufficient authority of themselves, not of men. For God himself spoke to the fathers, prophets, apostles, and still speaks to us through the Holy Scriptures.

And in this Holy Scripture, the universal Church of Christ has the most complete exposition of all that pertains to a saving faith, and also to the framing of a life acceptable to God; and in this respect it is expressly commanded by God that nothing be either added to or taken from the same.

SCRIPTURE TEACHES FULLY ALL GODLINESS. We judge, therefore, that from these Scriptures are to be derived true wisdom and godliness, the reformation and government of churches; as also instruction in all duties of piety; and, to be short, the confirmation of doctrines, and the...

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