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Martin Bucer

Movement Magisterial Reformation
Born Schlettstadt, 1491
Died Cambridge, 1551
Significance Bucer was a Strasbourg reformer who sought to unite the Lutherans and the Zwinglians. The Zurich Consensus, agreed upon by both John Calvin and Heinrich Bullinger, Zwingli's successor in Zurich, was also acceptable to Bucer, but his Lutheran colleagues rejected the document. Bucer was forced to leave Strasbourg due to the threat of being overcome by Catholics. He fled to Cambridge where he made an impact on the theology of the Anglican Church.
Works Tetrapolitan Confession
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This confession was presented to Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530 as an alternative to Melanchthon's Augsburg Confession. It was composed by Martin Bucer and Wolfgang Capito for the cities of Strasbourg, Constance, Memmingen and...

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